Hoe een meltdown voelt

Ervaringsverhaal over hoe het voelt een meltdown te hebben.


After the fact, I could reflect a little more about why that event was so triggering.  The day before, someone had called me a “short bus riding window licker.”  This brought back memories of years of being bullied and feelings of inadequacy.  So, when I couldn’t even get my wife’s food order right or follow through with a surprise, I was caught off guard by all that emotional weight I’d been carrying.

En het artikel staat hier: https://theaspergian.com/2019/10/29/autistic-meltdowns-from-the-inside/?fbclid=IwAR2GQ5a-uR5JbK-Hx7k6TK_tCrXx6HxORvNirNiWOq-j5CEw7cJM379sZSw

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